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Losing patience: and finding quiet encouragement for your day

Oh, pandemic living. These days of living cheek to jowl grow long. And some days feel longer than others – so we grow weary. Find ourselves apt to default to impatience and irritability. 

Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

The other day I reacted to a situation at home with definitive fervor. 

Later, while reflecting, I chided myself. “Can you not take a deep breath and respond, not react? Why not be calmly curious, ask more questions? Why can’t you do better???”

I trudged upstairs and picked up my devotional and Bible, cried out to the Lord for wisdom and strength. And I asked Him the same questions.

Then as I read the daily reading from Amy Carmichael’s book, “The Edges of His Ways,” I saw this:

Ecclus. 17:24  ‘He comforteth them that are losing patience.’

It is good to know that He never tires of comforting them that are losing patience, and when He comforts them, all is well; they go on – even unto the end.”

And I felt as if the whisper of the Spirit was saying to me: “So I do not rebuke you, I comfort you. Come to Me – receive my comfort. I am here. All that concerns you is in My hands. Receive My comfort, little one, receive my comfort.”

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This was not a free pass to be grumpy and or to give up on being gentle and showing grace to others. Still, God is so gracious. He knew what I needed. And He knows what we each of us needs in each moment. And that day, He knew I needed encouragement.

So, I drew a deep breath and carried on sustained by His love and comfort.

Today, may you sense the comfort of God. And may find encouragement as you carry on at home, or in your job, or in whatever your circumstances you find yourself in during these challenging days. 



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