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Cleaning house

Today I tackled a job long waiting for the finish. The laundry room becomes a catchall. Tidy up and nowhere to put something? Just move things into the laundry room. So, clutter reigns. No room left. The closet in the laundry room full of things long forgotten, old coats, long central vacuum tubing no longer used, and dusters that lost their feathers. The floor in the laundry room piled with detritus.

Life impedes work needed. Migraine after migraine occurs. And other chronic illnesses encroach upon an orderly life. Crises follow one after the other.  Everyday life happens too, so the act of cleaning gets focused on the necessary. They are most visible rooms: the kitchen, family room, living room, and downstairs bathroom. Even this can get neglected. Which gives the sense of being behind. The pressure to do. Yet, energy is often inaccessible so I may do those very things.

Over the years, I discover cleaning systems, Flylady, whose program works well for a while. Then time and chaos unthreads the spool, and we are messy again. 

Marie Kondo marches unto Netflix, and Voila, another system. I do not try the Kondo method. The sheer magnitude of the task halts me. But inspiration floats like a butterfly beckoning.

I tackle our bedroom one day, work and work, bag clothing no longer used, whether it sparks joy, well getting the job done does! The world tilts a little. The order brings a clarity, a clearness of thought. 

My sister is coming, and this gives an extra motivation. I tackle the spare room creating order and prettiness.

Then downstairs, today’s project. I launch a full attack on my laundry room – turns out to be a hideous, onerous job. The area rug backing has stuck to the floor, and I must scrape and scrape, bit by bit!!! Painstaking work. And it takes a long, long time; gives a whole new meaning to sweat equity.

Things cluttering the hall by the laundry room, now housed. That closet has become a home.

More bags get filled. Lots of garbage, but also things no longer in use I can pass along.

Hard work gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment. And though I am exhausted; I am enjoying the openness of mind that comes with order and neatness.

Do you have a system that helps you keep things clean? Are you are the person who keeps things neat with ease? Or like me; are you prone to messiness and a work in progress?

Share your household hints?

We could all use a little help. I know I could.


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