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Marking time

Have you ever sat and listened? Have you listened quietly to the seconds – Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock?

Seconds that turn into minutes, then into hours, into days, into years and so on, and on and on – on and on.

Sometimes, I wish time would rush forward – that problems, worries and heartaches would fade away into distant memory. That events, blurred by passing time would lose their sharp corners – corners that cut into your soul. The cuts, that wound and bleed. The wounds that wear you down, make you tired and weary, so very weary.

I want solutions, solutions now! I agonize over issues that seem to have no remedy. But this agony is fruitless. It brings me nothing but more agony.

Time has become both my friend and my enemy.

Befriending time

I befriend time, when I believe that there is hope for tomorrow. I befriend it, when I breathe long and deep. Look around and count the grace given each day, find the reasons for gratitude. When I live and take part fully in this moment – this one, then next and the next.

I befriend time, when I am not looking over my shoulder – ruminating about the events bringing me to this moment. When I do not borrow trouble from tomorrow, for today has enough troubles of its own.

I befriend it when I accept where I am and let go of what might have been or what might be.


Time becomes my enemy when I focus on what I cannot change. It becomes my enemy when I surrender to despair. It becomes my enemy when I insist on instant gratification, when I will not wait for the answer.

Time becomes my enemy when I shut my eyes to the beauty, close my ears to hear the music, and speak only of endings; forgetting that beginnings may just be around the bend, peeking over the horizon.

It becomes my enemy when I do not stop to remember that there is a purpose, eternal and true. It becomes my enemy when I do not remember that God holds time in His hands.

Beginning and end

He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

And He knows, He knows all that burdens me, all that weighs me down, He knows. He is the great burden-bearer. And He carries me. He lifts me up, holds me close to heart. My Shepherd carries me.

The Eternal, timeless One, carries me in His Everlasting arms.



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