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Sorrow and joy – remembering Seana – part 3

Written May 18, 2013

(My beloved niece Seana passed from this life to the next on May 19, 2012. Ovarian Cancer took her life. She was only 31 years old. Over the next while I will share the thoughts that I recorded during the time before and after Seana’s death. I invite you to join me as I share what was on my heart, and also pay tribute to my niece, and to her family.)

It seems so strange to me how sorrow and joy collide… This week we celebrated the birth of our very dear granddaughter, Na’Leah and tomorrow it will be one year since our beloved niece Seana E, crossed from this life into the next. My heart thrills with the joy and excitement of baby love and at the same time, the beat of thrumming pain, so poignant that I am filled with longing, missing. This perhaps, is how we are to keep on going from one day to the next.

Leah’s first birthday party – my brother John, Me, and Lean
Seana and her cousin Sarah at our family Christmas party in 2011

The sunshine and deep darkness coexisting, life and death holding hands. 

Death brings an ending, grief; birth brings a beginning, joy. Birth and death tell the mysterious stories of hope. Birth bring hope for this life, death ushers in hope for the next. So, here I am in quiet – thinking of Na’Leah and remembering Seana. Smiles and tears co-mingling.

I love you Na’Leah, welcome, can’t wait to see you, maybe tomorrow. I love you, Seana, goodbye, can‘t wait to see you, let it be soon.

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