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She is gone – remembering Seana – part 4

(My beloved niece Seana passed from this life to the next on May 19, 2012. Ovarian Cancer took her life. She was only 31 years old. Over the next while I will share the thoughts that I recorded during the time before and after Seana’s death. I invite you to join me as I share what was on my heart, and also pay tribute to my niece, and to her family.)

Written May 20, 2012

She has gone…

On Saturday, May 19th, at 4:30 p.m., my beloved niece Seana, passed from this life, to the next.

Now, she is safe in the arms of Jesus.
She was only 31 years old.
I miss her already. My heart breaks.

Written May 19, 2013

Beloved family… how I love each of you and how my heart aches for you… what a year it has been.

The stone of Seana’s life ripples so far and so wide on the lake of our lives.

Her deep passion for life and her overwhelming love for each of you rings like silver bells; clear, strong and true. Her life touched not only our family but many others as well. 

Like a clarion call – clear, sparkling as a precious stone and as beautiful, her life calls us – to live each day with purpose. Rich, full and complete: with determination, courage, faith, and with the utmost intentionality.


The memories we have of Seana are as different as the relationship each one of us shared with her. These memories – a delicate dance, dipping, spinning and twirling.

Selena, Me, Seana, Celeste
one of my favourite pictures of Seana and her dear sisters…

Tantalized by the wonder of days gone by – those both sad, and happy.  We lift the jewels of our memories, let them slide through our fingers, sparkling, catching each shade of light, each prism of color.

Seana, Sasha (woof), Leanne tucked in the corner.

Dear ones, may you know that you are loved, cared about and prayed for with all my heart today, and in the days to come… always.

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